What one Should do After BreakUp

Emotions, feelings, hormonal imbalance occurs altogether at the time of Breakups. Yes, I know they are really bad – make you feel like neglected part of the society and just lie there like a lazy piece of a**.

What one should do after breakup
Anyway, enough with the cry baby talk. Lets’ move on and by move on I don’t mean get a rebound relationship. I mean, move on with the crying and pay attention to YOU. Yes, like an individual who is working on her/himself. I am sure we all have certain set goals for ourselves, certain ideal characteristics to become a better person than you were yesterday. And trust me there are hundreds if things to make you feel better in such a time and not only will these make you feel good about moving on but also on a personal level that you are actually working on you. It is a new you under construction.

OK so lets’ go behind the scenes and put in some efforts in the form of below:

  1. Introspect: Are you artsy? Are you a traveler? Pick your art of choice and get going. Cook, write, paint, design, talk, travel with friends, travel solo. This is basically all of us trying to get distracted. Apart from distraction, such activities also help us explore if we want to continue doing such things – I mean do you want to continue cook and give a thought to becoming a chef. And you actually might get an answer for few life questions. All the best!
  2. Cry: yeah, you heard me. Cry it out, vent it out and makesure you get done withthisonce and for all. It is obvious to feel broken and cry – this is how humans respond and you are just being human. So, call your best friend in the world and cry all you want. 
  3. Social Media: I know, this hurts the most. You are connected with your ex everywhere on social media. Whatever they post has an impact on you somehow and whatever you post is only with the intention to get their attention somehow. But you are too old for this now. Whatever was meant to be has happened so better learn and accept the reality because it will only get tougher. Try and accept and live in the moment!

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I have been through heartbreaks, like all of us and I cried, traveled and blocked people on social media and honestly, as the days passed I loved my single life even more. So, it is just a phase and you will get the love of your life definitely. Till then love yourself!