Understand Relationship Before they die!

Does love lasts long? We often come across the fact that love is the most important attribute in any relationship, be it with family, friends or with the one whom you want to marry.
But does it imply that it’s the only attribute which keeps the relationship healthy and working?

Given below are the answers to halt such complexities:

1) Firstly, a majority of the people constraint concepts like “love” and “relationship” with the chain of only one kind of meaning or category and that is a boyfriend-girlfriend relation or husband-wife relation.

Apparently, it is not true. In fact, we have all our lives been in relationships and loved our family, friends and vice versa.

2) Love cannot be solely responsible to make your ship of relationship sail through time. It takes a lot more than that.

3) Respect, honesty, care, understanding, tolerance, support etcetera are equally pivotal and intrinsic attributes.

Then what does it take to have a healthy relationship?

“Never above you, never below you, always beside you!”
-Walter Winchell

Some would say trust, some faithfulness or understanding but a relationship is never just about one person or one attribute! It has always been a blend of two, just like a coin with two sides.

How is it like being in a relationship?

The dilemma of this question ends where you find yourself at peace with your loved ones. Albeit nowadays as people are getting advanced and educated, they have become more practical and profit oriented. Which is why relationships have started breaking at a faster rate than before.

What makes one stay in a relationship?

Trust is a practical and everlasting solution for this complexity. Without communication, there is no relationship. Without respect, there’s no love. And without trust, there is no reason to continue.

How is husband-wife relation or girlfriend boyfriend relation different from other relations that already exist in our life?

According to some, all kind of relations other than the ones we share with family and friends are worthless. Wherein bonds with family and friends are divine, pure, natural and real. On the other hand relationships other than these do not guarantee (in most cases with a few exceptions) security and peace.

For example, there’s no match for the love given by family or parents. No one can care for anyone as much as our family or parents do.

Having said that without husband-wife relation the concept of a family would completely dissolve.

Hence it can be said that all kinds of bonds have value in them and rightly so because love is weakest when there is doubt more than trust but love is strongest when we learn to trust in spite the doubts!