Topics to Talk About in a Happy Relation

Many married couples find times, they do not have much to talk about. Many feel their love is over since they don’t talk anymore. But, the real fact is conversation does not mean sitting and having a chat for hours. Matter of fact, the nerd is to have a happy conversation even if it is a small one cause the feeling behind it is what gives your relation that happy boost it needs.

happy relation

It’s these little conversations that help you stay bonded and show you care even after so many years. But, the problem with such conversations is that after some years these conversations look silly and most couples opt out of them.

Topics That Never Die

Well, fact is a conversation never losses time. Here are some topics that are timeless and will always keep you bonded together. Here are some ideas, though old, will always be given a new answer hence, new conversation to fire your relation.

Timeless Topics to Boost Your Relation

  1. Weekend Planning: Never plan the weekend alone (this goes for husbands, unless it’s a surprise). Always plan them together. In fact, begin planning on Monday itself so you have the fun of waiting for the weekend. If you can send the kids to stay with your relatives, will be good on some weekends as this gives time to revive your relation but, do spend weekend with your kids as well.
  2. Compliment: You might feel after having kids saying ‘I love you’ will sound too cliche but, these three words are like oxygen for your relation. Complimenting your wife’s cooking appreciating your husbands personality even after a week is also good as it let’s your partner realize you remembered or cared even after a week.
  3. Worry/Tension: Worry/Tension are two words but, the one going through them feels like is holding a mountain on his/her shoulder. Asking your partner about their worries or tensions gives them a boost and the knowledge that he/she is not alone.
  4. Work: Work is one topic that is always answered. Be it office or home. Yes, home as well. Just cause you think a has daily routine does not mean you can not ask your wife how her day was and don’t think your husband will get annoyed if ask daily.
  5. Go Out Plan: If you can not go out for the weekend, just go for a movie or eat at a restaurant. If this is also not possible (assuming no one to tale care of the kids), just let your kids go to sleep and arrange a candlelight dinner in the dinning area and enjoy.
  6. Aspiration: Never keep your aspirations covered. Even if you could not achieve them, let your spouse know of them. Your aspirations let your partner know you better.

As simple as these conversations look, they weigh a ton and can be the strong foundation for your relation. So go ahead and try them out.