Top 10 Ways To Get More Comments [Guaranteed]

Ways To Get More Comments

Comment is great way to bring traffic. Getting comment is not an easy task but it is also not a difficult task. Comments are like a reward to the author. If you want more comment then you should have great content with excellent writing skill.

This post will help new bloggers who have recently opened the site. Comment play important role to make a site popular. Here are some best unique ways through which you will get more comment.

How to Get More Comments On Your Blog

1. Post Quality

If you don’t have quality posts then forget to get comments in your post. It is important to make high quality content in your blog. This will increase your blog comment.

2.Use CommentLuv System

Everyone is using this tool who are using the WordPress. This is an excellent plugin and it can increase your comment quickly.

There is lot of feature in that plugin. You can give do-follow link to those readers who have commented more than 10 times in your site.

Visitor/Reader will try to get do follow links from your site and for that they will comment more in your site. In this way you can get more comment. If you haven’t installed this plugin then install now.

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3. Monthly rewards

monthly rewards

You can give monthly rewards to those commentators who have commented more in your site in that month. You can give money, software, or small ads banner offer in your site.

4. Response to the comment

Give response to every comment. Answer to question which was asked by the reader. It will create a conversation between you and with your reader. This is an important way to get more comment.

Answer the question smartly so that it get attracted toward your Site. Make sure they get reply to the comment. This will build good relationship between you and your reader/visitor and they will comment more in your site.

If you take to much time to comment then they will not coming back to your site as your comment section is useless. If you are too busy with other work then also try to reply to the reader.

5. Exchange comments

If you want more comment then ask your friends and bloggers to exchange the comment. It is very good way to get comment quickly when your posts publishes. You can also exchange the links through comments.

6. Create Giveaways

grow your blog with giveaways
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Many bloggers are trying this to get more comment to giveaways. Attract peoples toward your blog and say then to comment in your blog to win the contest. I can bet you they will surely comment on the blog.

7. Leave a question to your readers

If you really want more comment then a ask question to your reader. Is reader really going to comment? Asking question is useless thing, but something is useless is necessary.

Ask audience to present their view on the topic through comment and you will reply to the views. In this way your chances are increases to get more comment.

8. Kill Friendly Spam

Disqus, Twitback, and WordPress. These all commenting system in which you can edit the comment and you can delete the spam, links, and thread. You can also do some edition to the comment to look better. In this way you can get more comments for useless comment which some reader Do.

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9. Comment on other Blog

Sometimes people don’t give importance to comment on other site. It is also a easy way to get comment.

When you comment on other site, The admin of that site and few other readers of that site will visit in your site and they can comment on any post in your site.

Comment at-least 20-40 blogs in a week. And in a month you will have near about 120 comments in a months and in few month you can feel the change in your blog traffic and comment.

10. Make it easy to comment

Make your comment system easy. If you have enable CAPTCHA, and other verification system. then reader/audience will never comment in your site. Because all people are lazy they don’t want to work more. They just read and go away without commenting.

Disable CAPTCHA and other verification system in your site.

Use Good plugin to keep span away, You can use wp-spamfree plugin, GASP for this purpose.

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