Stop copying others and be yourself

I have often seen people copying each other especially girls. I don’t understand the need of walking in the others shoes. God has given us such a beautiful thing called ‘life’ with our own individual identity.

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Every individual is gifted with a special talent, which they can call their own and be different from others. We have our own personality which we follow and admire. People differ in dressing sense, thoughts, nature and even looks and I swear everyone looks beautiful in their own way as they do things around. Then why this need of becoming like the other comes?


Girls especially try to be what you are. Your attitudes, beliefs, dressing sense, routine are all yours. If you copy someone than what will be the difference between you and the other. Everyone has their own choices according to which they work. If you try to walk in the footsteps of the other, what will you achieve in life being you? Think of it once. If something suits on the other person don’t mean it will look good on you too. Don’t ever compare yourself and try to be like the other.

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People, who copy others a lot have you ever thought that you might be a reason for others joke? No right? I will tell you how. If you look, talk, walk etc. like the other person, this way you are making a joke of yourself only. For many, it is highly irritating and might even you land in problems.

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My motive for writing this article is to tell you all to be what you are instead copying someone. Qualities are inborn and they remain with the person until the end. Everybody has their own personality traits which they should never leave behind in the race of life. Be yourself and try to show you as an individual.