7 Stages In A Relationship When You are In Love

Like everything in this universe relationship also follows its circle. Every couple in this world have their love stories, but not all love stories are same. Some are sad which will make you cry some will bring a smile on your face. Although it’s quite a task to break down all stages in a relationship. Still, I have managed to break down a few.

Stages In A Relationship

1. The attraction

This is the first step of stages in a relationship where both of them set eyes on each other. There is a feeling that comes when both of you meet and feel like meeting frequently. These are the feelings that slowly culminates into Love in the latter stage.

2. Confession

At the second stage one of them develop feelings for a person and always tries to find ways to propose them. This requires a lot of guts, and it may take some time to muster up. But one should be careful while proposing as it can backfire too.

3. Get To Know

Love will happen either with knowing or without one’s knowing. But once you are in a relationship you should take some time off, To discover each other. At this third phase in a stages of relationship couple evolve each other, form compatiblity.so we can say this third stage plays a very crucial role in every relationship.

4. The Bliss Phase

The most lovable and cherished stage in a relationship, It’s when you will start to see each other and will be jubilant in each other’s company. It will be the time when you will somewhat cut off from your friends and family.

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5. Intimacy

After a while when you are sufficiently comfortable with each other, you will begin to take things further.Physical Intimacy is a natural and significant part in a relationship, but it’s not the most important. One should be very careful with such physical intimacies as both of you should simultaneously feel and act accordingly.

6. Career Vs Love

In today’s era where everybody’s busy with their work commitment, they get hardly get time  to manage themselves as a couple and ressolve the issues.so at this phase it is upto the couple as how they dealt it. It can either start breaking or making your relationship.

7. Insecurity

Insecurity always finds its way especially when there are two different individuals. Insecurities can be of various kinds like Not feeling worthy enough, or Carrer graphs climb. But one should always be optimistic and think in a positive way.

One should always seek happiness in the partner’s and never let Ego, Jealousy, Greed and Misunderstanding ruin your most beautiful part of your life. And life is beautiful just try to see it from a different perspective.