5 Signs That You Are in a Committed Relationship

Are you struggling to find out if you are in a committed relationship or it’s just a fling? Are you looking for some hints that will help you to figure out how serious you relationship is?

If you just given a big YES-YES answer to this question, check out these 5 signs that will tell you better that you are in a committed relationship with your partner:

Sign #1: You feel very open to your partner

It takes time to open up to someone. In this case, you must love someone so much that there is no kind of insecurities between you and your partner and you both are very open regarding revealing your emotions to each other. You tell every single thing that is going on in your life and want your partner to be a part of it. Moreover, you try to make your partner happy and let him or her know every good and bad habit you have and all your embarrassing secrets. If you are in this zone, it means that you are in a committed relationship.

Sign #2: There is no ego between you and your partner

In a committed relationship, there is no ‘You’ and ‘Me’. There should always be an ‘Us’ in a serious relation between two people. If things are serious, your partner won’t put himself or herself above you. When someone really sees a long term connection with you they tend to ignore things easily. If from both ends mistakes are ignored and relationship is valued more than anything, it shows how really truly you both are committed to the relationship.

Sign #3: You both give each other time even when you’re busy.

You start to spend time more time with your partner and often share the best times with each other. You do not care about what time it is, you just enjoy the company of your partner. You rejoice each moment of your life and try to make it perfect for each other. You do remember and miss the time when you are not with your partner. Most importantly, when one of you has a busy schedule you both still make time to get together and talk is something you can’t ignore. This is one big sign that you are really in a committed relationship.

Sign # 4: You are now taking decisions together.

You have stopped taking decisions alone. Instead, you do share every issue with your partner who guides you throughout the making of any decision. You start to think about the future of your life with your partner. You appreciate the advice of your partner and try to implement that advice in your decision. You do not rush into making any kind of decision. Your partner’s advice will be your preference. This also shows the trueness in a commitment of relationship with your partner.

Sign #5: You are travelling together.

You will not travel alone if you go on an adventurous journey. You will plan with your partner to travel with yourself. In this case, you will get to know more about each other. You plan more and more places to visit and revisit the memories. Going to unknown places with your loved one and making the best memories of it, clearly, show that you are committed to a true relationship.