Seven hacks to become a morning person

Do you also sleep making fake promises of getting up early for a jog?  Are you always in a rush to get ready and reach office? You feel a day of 24 hours is not enough for your daily tasks? I am one of those persons who will answer a guilty yes to the questions as mentioned above.

Seven hacks to become a morning person

We all have heard one phrase, “It is never too late”. It is tough initially, but this is where the intentions play their role. It is all about sleeping right, and you can wake up any time you wish to. Changing routine is not easy, making little modifications in the ways we deal with our sleep, diet and health that help one sleep well and wake up better.

So hit the snooze to the fake promises and bring into action these seven hacks and become a morning person.

  1. First thought!

It is always advised to think of good things, see right things when you wake up. Your first thought, first sight depends upon the last thought you slept with. Yes, if you slept thinking about how tiring or bad day it was at work then you will have the same thought the next morning, making you feel tired already.

So, when shutting your eyes for a sound sleep, make sure you are done with the day and not stuck with it in your mind. It is a new day, try to keep the slate clean before you sleep!

  1. Maintain distance with alarm

The common habit of keeping phones at arm’s length while sleeping for the ease of hitting the snooze button. The phone should be at some distance from you while you are sleeping. The more space you have the more relaxed you sleep.

When you wake up next morning stretch yourself well and then look at your phone.

  1. Hydrate yourself!

Drink a glass of water every morning; we all have heard our parents saying the same. Well, they are right. After a good long sleep one needs to get hydrated. Not only it will hydrate you but will also give you a boost much required for an energetic day ahead.

Being hydrated keeps you sane all day long

  1. Diet

Do not eat too much or too less during dinner that you are left unsatisfied. Either of the conditions will make it uncomfortable for you to sleep. Keep a check of how much you are stuffing during the last meal of the day.

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  1. Shower helps

For a sound sleep, taking a shower before lying down is recommended. It will relax you and with shower goes away the physical tiredness of a long day. Try to take a shower of warm water instead of cold water. It drops your body temperature and makes you sleepy.

So if you are not able to sleep even after being tired as hell then you must try taking the shower option. This should help.

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  1. Be prepared

Prepare your clothes, documents, bag for the next morning the night before. It reduces the last minute rush and helps you keep fresh in the morning. Do not keep little things of preparation for the morning. The morning is your time; it depends on how better you can start your day.

Let your mornings breathe a fresh new you every day!

  1. Disconnect

Yes, it is the social connectivity I am talking about. Leave your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc., aside for a few hours. Sleep and let sleep. It is that simple, turn your Wi-Fi off and turn away your head and close your eyes. Everything else can wait till the morning.

Make sure you don’t compromise on your bed time because of sending that one emoji or entertaining emails of work. You owe yourself a good sleep.

Do not sleep dissatisfied because something went wrong or your plan did not work. It is okay to start again. Wake up early; it will save you a lot of time and trouble. Say hello to the sunshine:)