You must be thinking making an SEO friendly blog post is the toughest job. There are a lot of things which we have to keep in mind while making the SEO friendly post for the website. You just don’t have to write an article, provide something new information to the audience.

How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Post
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The more audience will like, share, tweet the better will be your rankings. So improve your writing skill to get better ranking on Google. How to write SEO friendly Blog post for your site. Might be you know some of the technique before, but after reading this article, you will learn something new.

But before starting, there are few blogger who just wants to create a blog post and wanted to earn money, and after some time they stop as they fail to make money in their blogging career. And there is few blogger who has got natural writing talent, and their writing skills are just marvelous.

Steps To Write SEO Friendly Blog Post

1. Think Before You Write

Writing a great post is hard. Think what you want to tell your readers. Think like an audience of the site. Will your post will help your readers? After thinking all this make your post content and add keywords into it. Always try to make an SEO friendly post so that it comes to top search in Google. Do a proper analysis of the web and try to get a good topic and then make an SEO friendly title for the article.

2. Length Of The Post

Blog Post Length
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According to Google, in the post, there should be minimum 300 words. If you can write more than 600 words, then it will good for a post as you can use keywords and LSI keywords in your post. If you are making the lengthy post, then you should make the content interesting and unique.Even Search Engine like a long post with new information.

3. Title/ Subheading Tags

While making the long post, you have to make sub points, so that for readers it is easy to read the content from your site. You can break the post into different tags to make your post SEO friendly.

<h1> … </h1> – Heading 1
• <h3> … </h3> – Heading 3
• <h5> … </h5> – Heading 5

In WordPress by default the title tag is H1, so the next heading we can use H2 then H3 then H4 and so on. We should not use H1 Tag in the body of the post. You can use another tag in your article, as this will help you to make SEO friendly blog post.

After making the content check the SEO of your content, if your post is over-optimize then you can correct this you can use LSI keywords in your article. Use the keyword in your title text at least once so that your content to make more SEO friendly blog post.

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4. Images

When you write an article with 1000 words and it does not contain images then it becomes annoying for the reader then. The post should include at least one image. It helps in SEO score of your article.

The search engine does not see the image as we see in the post. Search Engine sees the post-alt text. Alt text is important to make SEO friendly blog post as it tells what image is about.

Before uploading the image, name the image with a proper name rather call useless name. For, e.g.. If you are writing an article about “How to increase blog traffic” then you can make the image name like “how-to-increase-blog-traffic.jpg” rather than giving a name “bog12tech.jpg” like this.

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You can upload as many images you want but use related keywords in the pictures as it will help to make SEO friendly blog post.

If you are WordPress then while uploading the images, you can add the alt text directly while adding the media.
The second way is to insert the HTML tag in the pictures directly.

Here is the example

<img scr= how-to-increase-traffic-of-blog.jpg” height=”xx” width=”xx” alt=” How to increase traffic of blog” ” title=”image title”>

Optimize the images in your post so that your site can load faster and reader stay on your site for a longer time. To Optimize the images you can use Plugin in the WordPress.  Google has also recommended some tips to Optimize the image.

5. Meta Description Of The Post

The meta description is a small summary of the article which you see in the google search. As we want to make the post SEO friendly, we will not forget about meta description as it plays a critical role.

While adding the description of your post, it should be up to 150 words or less. The story you are adding should be meaningful and should be according to the keyword which you have chosen for your article.

If you are using SEO Yoast in your WordPress then there an option to add meta description of your article. If you don’t write meta description of the article, then it will take the description from the article from the first paragraph.

6. Add content regularly

Adding content frequently will be good for your site, as Google will crawl your site in regular interval and it will not affect your ranking, but if you don’t update the site, it will affect your ranking. Adding content will also engage your reader on the site and this way your site can grow fast.

7. Internal Links

Internal linking of the article is important it not just improve the SEO score but also improve the site ranking. In short, we can say it is useful for making site architecture. Internal linking can make the post SEO friendly.

Benefit of Internal Linking

  • Audience can read more article from your site
  • It will help to improve the ranking of the keyword
  • It will help Google to crawl the website.
  • Adding a link which is not relevant to the article will not help you. You must add something valuable to the post. Suppose you are making an article of how to increase blog traffic then you must add the link relevant to that topic only like how to raise traffic from social media promotion.

8. External Linking

While you are writing an article which is more than 1000 word, you must have read some site and other resources and done some research on the topic on which you are making your next post. Don’t hesitate to give an outbound link in your article, as it will help your site only in term of ranking and generating more traffic.

The outbound link you can give from the trustworthy site which will be helpful for the audience try to create a better experience for the audience to learn something new for your post. The outbound link will not harm your site, and it will help to make your SEO friendly blog post.

Don’t give too many links in your post, give do-follow links which are high-quality site and they provide

9. Use Yoast SEO plugin

SEO plugin in the valuable tool to check whether you have written an SEO friendly blog post or not. You have to enter the focus keyword in the SEO Yoast Plugin. It will check your article SEO and tell you the score accordingly.

  • The Plugin will allow entering the meta description of the post.
  • It also calculates the Flesh reading ease score also whether your article is readable or not
  • It will tell the density of the keyword which you have used in your post
  • While checking the keyword, the plugin will see the heading, URL of the page, Title of the post, a content of the article and last meta description which you have used and accordingly it will give you score.
  • It will also check whether you have inserted an image or not and If you have inserted you have added ALT text in the picture.
  • SEO Yoast will check you have used the keyword before or not.

The green bullets show that the post which you have written is an SEO friendly blog post. Don’t over-optimize the post and if you have over-optimized then try to correct it using this plugin SEO Yoast.

What has suggested making Search Engine Optimize article

10. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

The World is adopting new technology, and every person is using mobile phone with the internet even I access the internet on the phone most of the time. Google also bring some changes in their algorithm. As there are large users, who are using the phone to search content or something. Now it is important that your site is mobile friendly so that the post you are publishing index for mobile search user.

There are a lot of challenges in the mobile search while designing your layout always check from google tool whether your site theme is mobile friendly or not. This also Play important role in indexing and making your content SEO friendly for mobile search.


In today world if you have not done SEO of the site and the article then you will not be able to get high rank in google. We all know content is king and we have to write a useful and valuable post for our audience and always try to make your SEO friendly blog post.


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