Top 10 Self Improvement  Motivation Tips

Everybody has a goal in life. Even you might be having one. Maybe you want to compete in the upcoming painting competition or perhaps are waiting to graduate and pursue your dream career. Whatever the cause might be it is vital for you to go in that direction so you can succeed and on way find ways to improve yourself to reach your goal. Yes, self improvement motivation tips for success will help you. But, there will be times when you will feel like giving up. 

Below are the top 10 remarkable motivation tips for self improvement

Try any one of these self-improvement motivation tips and see how to accomplish your goals:

1) Jar of accomplishments

If you are active on social media then you must have seen the jar of blessings post, in which when some good happens you write it down. The ideology behind this is, a year later you reflect back on these memories. Obviously, the idea is wonderful, so why not use this idea for accomplishments also?

Top 10 Self Improvement  Motivation Tips 1

Say you have set a goal of joining the varsity team. Each time you do something that makes you a step closer, write it and put in the jar. On joining you definitely will see how you progressed to achieve the position and in case it looks like you are not and begin to loose hope, read the writings to see the work you have put so far, so you get courage to continue.

2) Stay in company of positive energy people

Now it’s obvious you ain’t the only one trying to reach the same goal. So try to spend time with such people as this will keep you focused. They also will talk on the same ambitious talk as you.

Of course, this does not mean to rely on them for support cause the biggest motivation source should be you. In case you don’t have any friend with same desire, search up on social media sites or join groups on facebook.

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3) Set goals such, you can see your progress graph

Let’s assume you are training to participate in the marathon. Now, if you are going to assume it takes a year to train or some years to complete your graduation, means you are looking up to a big milestone, then your motivation level can drop drastically.

Therefore, it’s better to set level goals. Like celebrate each semester passed, each run lap you cover and so on.

4) Always find time to do something new

Boosting your motivation is very easy. All you have to do is take one step at self improvement. For this you should be willing to learn new things.

If you want take some classes or go to the library or better yet, watch documentaries on tv. They teach you more than any source and are interesting so you don’t get bored either.

5) Write like it’s an affirmation

Whatever and whenever you accomplish, pen it down.  Say you want to get promoted next year.

You begin by writing “I will get promoted next year”. After a while look back and this time write “I am getting promoted by next year”.

The intention here is to keep your motivation levels high.

6) Meditation and visualization

You might be amazed to know, many people who meditate, believe they achieved their goals due to meditation. Now you might say, what does meditation have to do with all this. Well, fact is meditation helps you stay relaxed and a relaxed mind is always able to think and focus better.

Means, a fresh mind so you can focus on your goals and how to achieve it. Don’t believe, go ahead and try. You don’t need to join classes for this. Just sit in a quiet place, close eyes and breath slowly in-out.

7) Take care of Yourself


Sometimes, our goals become our obsession and we barely realize how it’s taking a toll on our bodies. By the time you realize you are in bed sick.

Yes, you have to work hard to achieve your goals but, this does not mean make your body suffer. You should take care of yourself. The best self improvement motivation tips is to take care of yourself. If you are fit, only then you can achieve your goals. Adequate sleep, proper diet, interaction with family and friends and indulging in hobbies.

8) Read books that inspire and motivate

Books are perhaps the best source for inspiration and motivation. Reading autobiographies, biographies or stories of how a character reaches his/her goal can really help you stay motivated. They don’t have to be of real people, fictional stories also can be read. In fact, spend at least 20-25 minutes to read daily.

9) Avoid negative company

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People who always find faults in you or keep on picking on you to stop, avoid them. Of course, they can be your parents also. Try your best to make them understand your situation and the goals you want to achieve so they also support you. All parents want the happiness of their children so they will understand and if it’s someone else, don’t let them demotivate you.

10) Be positive for others

When we are talking about self improvement motivation tips we definitely have to focus on this tip as well. It may be on the 10th position but, is as equal to all of the above self improvement motivation tips.

Be a motivational source for others. Yes, inspire others to follow you so they also can achieve their goals. By seeing how you are planning and trying to reach your goal, will motivate others to do so. This way, indirectly you are motivating yourself also.


Hope after reading this blog post you have found your sources to stay motivated. It is only you who can achieve your goals. Others can only help you but, you are the one who has to reach the milestone. If you follow these self improvement motivation tips you will definitely be able to reach your goals.

What helps you stay motivated, please do share and comment on what you have to say about motivation. Till next post, live happy, healthy and safe.