7 Rare Signs Of A Real Friend

7 Rare Signs Of A Real Friend
Friends are the most crucial part of life. In fact, they are part and parcel of life. Friendship plays a very significant role in once life. It can make your life awesome as heaven or Be blazing as hell. But It’s up to you how to choose good friends in life. We are telling you some ways to which you can figure out who are you Real Friends and who are not?

Friendship should be deep,

Based on trust and on belief.

It can be from any religion,

Irrespective of caste or creed.

Friendship could be happen,

Between You and Me.

Or with someone like random Geek !

                                                                       ~By Jaya Somvanshi

1. Supporter For life From Cradle to Grave

A true friend is a life saviour.They always support  In your bad times, In your good times, In your boredom, In your fun times, In your struggle, they always available for you. Availability is not about playing games or making fun, but it means giving you suggestions, helping you in choosing the right path, motivating you. They always encourage you in your every course.

2. Stands Like a Pillar

A real Friend always stands by your side. No matter what the situation is or its consequence! On the other hand, even If you are wrong! They always ready to fight for you. They are the people in your life who always take a stand for you just like a real friend does.

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3. Accept As You Are

They never try to change you. They accept you as you are. They love your original version. Whether it is a cranky or stupid side of yours, they always like to explore it and often they spoiled you too. So Cheers to Hight of the madness of Friendship !!!

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4. Forgiving In Nature

A Real friend will never hold a resentment against you. They always have a soft corner for you. Maybe, sometimes you screwed up with them. But instead of leaving you they will try to understand your situation and try to resolve the issues. They forgive you because for them their friendship is more important than these temporary mistakes. And moreover they know no one is perfect, Someday every relation has to face a rough phase.

So its ok they will forgive you. For them Forgiveness is Divine!!!

 5. They Know You! Understand You!

Yes, they know you very well. Every side of yours. Every good habit, Every bad habit, Your Grey shades, Your best memories, etc. The way they understand you no one can be.

6. Best Secret Keeper

You read it right! You can share anything with them. They are not going to disclose ever. They are best Secret Keeper. And They are not going to take advantage from that for sure, and this is one of the best quality of a Real Friend.

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7. Ping You Constantly

A Real Friend always has a time for you. You don’t need to take an appointment to meet them. In fact, They always keep in touch with you. They are always interested in knowing what’s going on in your life about your wellness. And They contact you, talk to you time to time.

By these traits, you can figure it out which type of friend circle you have.

A Real One Or Fake One