Questions Which You Need To Ask Before Sleeping With Your ex

Sleeping with your ex!! This one thing is interesting as well sometimes confusing too. There are people who think you are back in life and some, swear never to be caught in the same web twice. However, you may sense it while moving towards the bed. You seem to be happy inside you but there is a doubt too, somewhere hidden in you.

According to me, you should ask some really important questions to know him much better again. Yes, there are chances they are back but it’s not wrong to be sure about it. I have brought here some questions which you need to ask before sleeping with your ex, have a look,

1. Are you happy about it?

Questions Which You Need To Ask Before Sleeping With Your ex 1Before going to bed, you should ask your partner whether he is happy or not about sex. Whether they want to be physical or not that is the thing which you should always consider before going to bed. Sex which has approval from both the ends is the sweetest sex ever rather than the forced one.

2. Do you really want to come back to me?

Sleeping With Your exAsk this question to make sure what your ex-wants. This will help you decide on sex. If your ex-wants to be back in your life, nothing matters more.  Your ex will make you feel positive about their coming into your life again.

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3. Does our past matters you?

Sleeping With Your exPast teaches us many lessons and who knows your ex might have realized mistakes. We all do mistakes as nobody is perfect but to admit them and never do it again is what really matters. If your ex-wants you back and past don’t seem to affect them, you are ready to give them a chance.

4. Should I trust you?

Sleeping With Your exTrust is the biggest issue in any relationship. You broke up because your trust was broken. Now if you are going to sleep with your ex, definitely you would try to trust them. Either its sex or anything in the relationship, trust is always, on top defining love.

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5. Will you not break my heart again?

Sleeping With Your exThis is another point of trust which you should surely ask you ex before sleeping with them.  Ask your ex whether he is true to you or not. Sex makes a relationship stronger but you got to know this so that it does not spoil the moment. The love between two is equally important as sex is.

6. Am I really important to you?

Sleeping With Your exBefore going to bed, you should ask this question as it’s really important. You will definitely want to know this because before going to bed, you want to make sure whether you matter to them or not. Sex is a thing to be enjoyed and if, he or she thinks you are still an important part of their life, you would love to make your moment a special one.

Don’t forget to ask these important questions to your ex before sleeping with your ex.