What Lessons Does Poverty teach Us?


Poverty is a major issue in any country as it is a source of many problems. Nobody wants to live in a state of poverty resulting in the shortage of essential facilities to them.  Poverty is none other than a crisis for almost every country trying to get out of it as soon as possible. It leads to the deficiency of our necessities too leading to even death at times. It’s the condition in which nobody wants to fall in.

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Poor is the man who has nothing with it. It might be the resources, wealth, a standard of living and all the facilities which a person wants with him.  Poor people are mostly the farmers or people living in remote areas who do not have enough wealth to buy certain things and even live a better life. Only poor people know the real meaning of poverty and its disadvantages to them. It hurts a lot. Every poor person has dreams to become rich and earn lots and lots of money. Everyone wants to be rich tasting all the flavours of the world.



Poverty teaches us many lessons which we should understand and take steps to remove it. As this is the major issue of the country, people should understand the need to stop it from spreading. Lessons which poverty teaches us are-

  1. It teaches us to be strong and be able to face the situations.

2. Poverty teaches us to be hardworking and ambitious for our future.

3. It makes us know the value of money in our lives.

4. It allows us to know the meaning of wasting the resources given to us.

5. Poverty urges our need to learn and get educated so that we make a better career and future.

6. It also teaches us to dream big, achieve big.

7. Makes us know the real value of happiness and life.