Phubbing may ruin your relationship
What is Phubbing?

If “phubbing” sounds alien to you, don’t worry you are no too much out of date. The term is a Gen Y term just like words such as “bae”, “Hundo P”, and “FOMO”. Phubbing is a hybrid of two words “phone” and “snubbing”. The name is given to the act when you ignore someone standing in front of you by looking at the phone.

Yes, this phenomenon has got its own name. The reason is obvious because it has become so rampant. More than half of the fights that take place between couples is because of other partner feeling neglected because of a piece of technology. We are mostly phubbing each other.

The new generation is full of screen addicts. We have got too involved that we don’t even notice the screen anymore; it has become an extension of our body. Actually, we have transferred our whole social life onto these devices. In fact, this is our social life. We see our partners all the time, but the social media is always fresh and changing. We are tempted by the thousands of things these screens possess more than feeling monotonous with our partner.

So accustomed to our social media habits, we have lost our ability to be present at the current time. Being in real life is considered boring as there are no filters in real life. Our relationships are now limited to texts and likes and we have no relationship outside them.

What can “phubbing” do?

Psychotherapists have even said that neglecting personal time for social media is equivalent to emotional infidelity. The notification tones and buzzes of the phone have become so addicting that it can hinder your ability to make love. Moreover, it can ruin your sex life. What better reason to put away your phone than it ruins your ability to get laid?

Phubbing is directly related to the lack of self-esteem and insecurity. People check their phones so that they can avoid any unwanted discomfort or interaction with their partners. But of course, all it does is leave us in a situation of mounting discomfort and resentment for each other.

Since we are constantly exposed to technology, we really don’t want to miss our phones. These phones help us escape the harsh reality, awkward situations and the world. People almost forget that there is their partner who needs attention.

Resisting scrolling through your notifications at any given moment takes conscious effort.

It can also be used as an indicator of priorities. When a person is with another human being and is multi-tasking with his/her phone, then it clearly means that the other person is not a priority.

One good way to avoid phubbing is to take out your phone, look into the eye of your partner, and tell them “I am switching OFF my phone”. Most likely, your partner will reciprocate with the same action.

Keeping your phone at bay is also useful on a personal level, it eliminates distractions which results in increased efficiency and so much more. Always remember that you will ultimately have to live in the real world.

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