How To Overcome Stage Fear : Complete Guide

Many of us have a stage fear while we performing live for the audience. Some people avoid it, and the others get nervous while they are on stage. So how you can overcome stage fearStage fright phobia is something which does not allow us to perform on stage. Many people fear from speaking in front of others while many do stay numb in front of the audience. There might be many reasons behind this stage fear. It might be that the person thinks if he goes wrong the audience might laugh at him or so. Fearing from going to the stage restricts you from the opportunity you got to tell the world what you are.

Here Are 8 Best Ways To Overcome Stage Fear

1 – Relax yourself

Relax yourself

Try to keep yourself calm and relaxed before going to the stage. Practice yoga to keep your mind and soul refreshed. Keep your mind free from negativity.

2 – Be confident

 Be confident

Confidence is all that is required while you are standing on stage. If you lack confidence, you won’t be able even to utter a word before an audience. Be confident enough to face the audience.

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3 – Practice and practice

Practice and practice

Each and everything before going live requires a lot of practice. You need to go through your work and practise as much as you can of it. Practice makes a man perfect we all have heard that. Practice a lot before delivering a speech.

4 – A friendly gesture

A friendly gesture

Always be friendly to what you do. Show the audience that whatever you are doing on stage is for them only. Stay focused on your audience and try to give them a friendly gesture so that they might not get distracted from you or your work on stage.

5 – Avoid break in middle of your speech or action

Talk as much as you can without taking breaks in between. If you take many breaks in between, it shows that you are nervous. Be continuous in your work on stage.

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6 – Know your topic

Know your topic

Get to your knowledge about what are you doing to do on stage. Know your work and then perform it. You need to be clear on the topic and concept which you are or will be performing on stage

7 – Be punctual

Always be punctual on stage. Do not cross your time limit or be late to stage as it might disinterest the audience seated there. Try to come before the scheduled time so that you can even have the last and final practice of the work to be performed on stage.

8 – Think before you speak

Think before you speak

Always be clear to your act. Think first and then act or speak. Do not talk nonsense on stage because it irritates the audience and is also a boredom. Think before you speak so that you might not turn into a joke there on stage.


Stage Fear is something we can overcome. Be confidence in what you are doing. Be honest with yourself and try to follow these points. All these tips will be going to help to overcome stage fear.