An Open Letter to The Indian Mother

Hello mom,

No word can ever express my gratitude and admiration for u, nor can they define my appreciation for whatever you’ve done, whatever you’ve sacrificed to make me who I am today. I’ve loved u ever since I felt the warmth of your palms rub on the belly and heard the sweet voice of a nightingale singing my lullaby. I’ve adored you from the day I learned its meaning. A wink to you momma ?


You have always been by my side in times of pain or joy. You are my guiding light, the lighthouse calling me, the lost sailor, home. You are the reason I stand strong and independent in front of the entire world. You’ve pushed out the best in me, only you and you have made me realized my true potentials. Thank you for everything, and I mean everything. Thank you for listening to my dreams and fears patiently. But no matter what, I will always be your little princess. I understand your concern but you do need to know that your little daughter is a grown up now. I have reached an age where I would like to request you few things from the bottom of my heart.

I humbly ask you to open up to me and talk unhesitatingly about all those topics society has abandoned speaking such as Sex, Menstruation, Boyfriends, Love Marriages, Drinking and many others, which we never dare to discuss openly. Yes, I know it must be extremely uncomfortable for you to discuss these with me but trust me, mom, it is same for me. You have given birth to me, it is you and only you to whom I can openly share my opinions on the taboos fearlessly, without being judged. Don’t you consider it is better for me to address these subjects with you first?

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You’ve always given me directions as to what is right and what is wrong in this materialistic world but the time has come when I require you to impart me with wisdom. I would like a freedom to ask questions, to make my own decisions. Why can’t I ask WHY?? Why everything has to be divided in good or bad? Why should I follow societal rules? Why mustn’t I? Weren’t you ever angry at grandmother when she scolded you on wearing those short skirts you craved for? Then why you prevent me wearing clothes of my own choice?

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Guide me through, don’t cave out a path for me. Don’t try to protect me at each stepmother, let me fall only then I’ll be learning to stand up. Let me dive. Remember your time, when grandparents let you do things on your own, aren’t you a well- brought up lady now! Then why are you scared of letting me go? Let me be ME! I request, mom. Our relatives, neighbors will never stop telling you what is right for me but before making any decision about me I want you to come to me first because you have every right to know what I am doing and what I want.

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I’m one of a kind mom. I’m unique in my own way. I’m the last edition of my genre. But I promise you I’ll become your favorite book one day if not today. So, stop comparing me with other people. Believe in me. I’ve learned to sow my efforts in a productive field from you only. Trust me with what I’ve decided to do in life, mentor me rather than discouraging. Let me unleash my creativity and expand my horizons. I promise I’ll make you proud.

Your loving daughter