In life, people will give up on you. Just make sure that you, never give up on you.

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Niti Taylor left the show “Ghulam”. The maker of the serial wanted the kill her character as rumors say Niti was not professional towards the work

Niti spoke to HT about her sudden exit from the show:

Basically, there was a change in the story line and that’s why my character Shivani has to die. I was not aware that such changes would come up in the story. I had a discussion with the channel and the producers, and I was told about the decision on the same day. It was a little shocker for me, but life goes on. I am sure that the new girl who does the show now will kill it.

She also added that the false rumors being spread about her behavior:

I really think they do. One report comes out and everyone picks it up without verifying it, and soon, it’s viral. The next thing you know, people think, ‘She has problems with co-stars. How will she work in our project?’ I am the last one to throw tantrums; you can ask everyone on the set. When people learned that I would no longer be a part of the show, many co-actors told me that they were sad and didn’t want me to leave.


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