It’s one of the basics that everyone has in their wardrobe. Be it a white on white or black and white, these combos always look edgy and classy.

So we are here with the two looks:

#The super classy white on white.

#Effortlessly elegant black and white.

Monochromes 1

Monochromes 2


This year is all about rocking RETRO looks inspired by the late 60s, so I decided to go Monochrome! I wore a white top with embellished black embroidery from TOP SHOP. It has kinda half bell sleeves and a fairy hemline. While pairing this top with jeggings, the first thought came to my mind was a comfort, as jeans are too mainstream for me, whereas jeggings are sporty and comfy with which I paired white snickers from Street Style Store adding a proper street-style to my retro look. I kept my makeup light.

Monochromes 3

Monochromes 4 Monochromes 5 Monochromes 6


Monochrome look always elegant and stylish but a bit boring too. So I thought of adding a  JAIPURI TOTE BAG with this outfit as it enhances my outfit much more and defines the look. I’m wearing a white pair of jeans and a printed white shirt and a pair of DIY footwear.  And for makeup, I decided to go nude on my lips and not to accessorize the look.

Monochromes 7 Monochromes 8

Monochromes 9

Monochromes 10

Monochromes 11

Top 5 summer essentials that we carry in our bag!

1. Sunscreen

It’s the most important item in our summer bag. The lotion works effectively only when it’s applied frequently, so it’s good to have it in your bag every time! We personally recommend LOTUS HERBALS safe sun with SPF 70, VLCC is also a nice option.

2. Lip Balm with SPF

To be on a safer side, always carry a nice lip balm with SPF to avoid tan on your lips. As our lips are vulnerable to the harsh rays of the sun, so pick whichever best suits you! Our personal favorite is EOS and Nivea.

3. Sunglasses

We never ever step out without our sunglasses as these are essential to protect the eyes. As if you ditch them, you will definitely regret that decision if it,s sunny outside.

4. Oil absorbing wipes

One of the biggest challenge during the summers is to have a oil free face. So these oil absorbing wipes are a life savor always in our bag. They are designed to simply lift any shine while leaving your makeup perfectly in place. CLEAN & CLEAR is best for these purposes.

5. Water Bottle

It’s very important to stay hydrated during summers so we carry a small water bottle every time wherever we go! And folks! please ensure that you drink at least 10 glasses every day or more than that.

So, this summer, Stay hydrated Stay fresh!
xoxo <3