Interview With a Beauty Vlogger Shweta Verma

interview with shweta verma

Meet Shweta Verma an Indian YouTuber. Her videos offer all about Do It Yourself (DIY) stuff, Hairstyles, Room decor, LifeStyle, Makeup and Beauty Hacks. With over 35K Subscribers on her YouTube channel “Colours & Creations

1. Hi, Shweta, could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

I am a Graduate from National PG College Lucknow, From my childhood, I was always interested drawings and Creating things, Just like every other person. I was suggested by my elders what to pursue for my studies, this is the reason I did my graduation in Commerce, But that Inner zeal always showed up in little things I did on a daily basis.

 One of my Close friend from college suggested to start my YouTube channel if I was so good at making hairstyle, nail art, crafts, and fashion.  Though I used to watch YouTube videos and have also learnt a lot from it as well from very beginning but I took His suggestion lightly.

But As we Say the most out of the Box Ideas Come to your mind when you are studying for exams. So During My final exams of graduation. I finally Decided That I will give it a try and as soon as my exams get over I will upload my First YouTube video, And I made The Channel and everything during my Exams. And Then Went my first ever video on my YouTube Channel. On 15 May 2016.

2. Who is your beauty vlogger inspiration?

I used to watch Shreya Jain (SJlovesjewelry) on YouTube before I started my channel I could say that she wasn’t an inspiration, I just Loved her videos. But now  I too am a Youtuber, and I can relate to her, and now I know what an Inspiration she is! She is into YouTubing for almost six years, and still, she is so dedicated and hardworking.

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3. What are the key points which are Essential to becoming fashion/beauty blogger?

You need not be a fashion student or a Professional makeup artist to be a blogger/vlogger. This is the Best Part of Blogging. There is No eligibility of Qualification, Looks. All you need is some Courage to share what you know and have patience because the result which you deserve may take time, and keep yourself ready to face criticism, be real and genuine to your Viewer and readers.

4. What do you love most about being a YouTuber?

Interview With a Beauty Vlogger Shweta Verma 1

When my family, friends, and friends of friends compliment my work and say, I am doing something different from the regular and not everybody chooses to do this.  Also, I get to know so many people from different part of the world who can watch my videos, which was earlier limited to my few friends and family, But now at least one person from each country in this world have viewed my work.

5. How would you describe your professional and personal growth from your first video till now?

I have changed a lot a person since I started my YouTube channel, Now I see the world with a different aspect. I was a very reserved kind of person and didn’t  like to talk to people apart from few of my friends.

But Now I speak to different people from different countries as well, I have become confident and Carefree in a positive way. I was so effected by what others think about me, But Now I grab compliments and face criticism as well.

My video quality has also changed a lot. I laugh when I watch my first video because I sound Stupid when I compare it to my latest video.  I’m improving with every video and post and learn new things. I experiment and become confident with every step I Take, I have worked on my audio and video quality as well.

6. Can you give our readers some beauty and fashion advice?

The Only Fashion Advice I would give others is that Don’t always go with the trend, wear what you feel, look beautiful on you, be the trend setter! Wear happy Colours and keep good care of your skin, a key to good makeup is the right base so make your skin is well moisturized and clean.

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