How To Detect A Liar In Just A Minute

detect liar
Have you studied psychology? If yes then you must know how to detect a liar, if not then here are the few techniques how to detect a liar in just a minute.

Detect  liar Through Eyes

Eyes can tell many things. If a person is not looking in your eyes, breaking eye contact or looking here or there it may be they are lying to you. Some other things you can notice is slow blinking of eyes or fast blinking. Check the eyes of a person if you have doubt and detect a liar. According to the Psychology research studies it has found that human look at the direction according to of what they are thinking. You must be thinking what are the movement of the eyes according to human thinking

  • Looking right to the up then thinking about something which happened recently
  • Looking to right side then thinking about what they have heard
  • Looking right to the down then must be talking to themselves
  • Looking left to the up then must be constructing a lie

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Detect liar Through Hand And Arm Movement

When a person is telling lies their hand moves a bit faster. The person who is lying will get nervous or they try to close the eyes while communicating with people. As a research studies tell, most of the hand gesture are due to a chemical reaction in the human brain.

  • If person’s hands are clenched that means he is distress or dishonest.
  • If person arms are crossed then it means distress or disagreement on something.
  • If Person is rubbing the neck then it also means cheating or disagreement
  • If Person Hands in pockets then it is dishonesty or disagreement

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Detect liar Through Fabricated Story

Have you heard this famous proverb A speck in the beard of a thief simple if you have done something wrong you are trying to hide it in the same way A liar always tries to hide his wrong done and mistakes and covers it in a deceptive manner. But it’s not that much difficult to detect liar while he is lying. Whenever a liar is trying to hide something or give wrong information he would prefer to give a long explanation with a perfect narration.

This too much information which is not needed/requested at that point of time then there is a high probability he/she is not telling you the truth. Just remember liars often think if they talk or give this excess details you would not going to cross check rather you will believe them.

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Detect liar Through Quick Head Movements

Dr. Lillian Glass, a behavioral analyst and body language expert who wrote a book on Liars Psychology i.e. The Body Language of Liar”. As per the book if you find someone quickly moves his/her head when you are asking or inquiring about something then probably he is trying to lie to you and by this trick you can detect liar. The head movement would be bowed down, inclined, tilted to the same direction, jerking posture. And this would happen when a person is preparing himself/herself to respond the question.

Repetition of words and sentences A Liar used to repeat their words and phrases this would happen because they are trying to convince you. According to Dr. Lillian Glass A liars also convince themselves by validating the lie in their mind. And this repetition would also the trick for liars to get more time to recollect the thoughts.

Detect liar Through Feet Shuffling

Detect liar Through Feet ShufflingIf anyone shuffles or shamble their feet during conversation or talking there is a high level of probability that he is not comfortable with you or he is nervous as he is trying to mislead you. This is one of the main key tricks to detect Liar. In fact, this situation also shows that he want to leave the situation, want to escape, want to walk away from you. So if you want to detect liar just look at their feet and you can understand a lot in that situation.