Easy Ways To Help Your Child : Guidance By Parents

As the parent of a learning-disabled child, you may be concerned about your child’s career goals. Does your teen have an idea of what she/he desires to be?
Does she/he know what training is necessary to reach her/his goals?
Is the career goal realistic for her/his abilities?

Easy Ways To Help Your Child : Guidance By Parents 1
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These are the questions that every teen face who have learning disabilities. Discovering your teen’s career path is a process that begins only by determining what she/he hopes to achieve in her/his career. Talking with your teens about their hopes and dreams for a career is a good way to begin that process.

Here are few things on how you can help your child

  • What makes your teen kick?
  • What does your son do when he has free time?
  • Does your daughter enjoy any hobbies?
  • Does your teen enjoy volunteer work?

Some other questions to get your teen thinking about the future!

  1. What would I Love to do? Even if I didn’t get paid for it?
  2. Do I have hobbies or interests that could lead to a career?
  3. What do I want to be doing five years from now? Ten years now? Twenty years from now?

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Do Some Research Or Guide Them

If your child truly has no idea where to start with career exploration, now is a good time to exploring a broad range of possible careers. You can help your teen by Assisting your teen with taking Inventories, and they should help you target some areas to begin researching careers. Armed with the results of your career interest inventories.

When you have narrowed down some possible career choices, help your teen to take a good honest look whether that would help him meet his life goals.

Once he/she has identified some career possibilities, the next step is to develop short terms goals to help him get where he wants to be in life and work. What are some things your teen can do that will place her in a better position to achieve her goals?

As the parent of a young adult with a learning disability, you face the added dilemma to help your teen find the right career based on their interest as well as their ability. While everyone faces this reality, parents of teens with disabilities may worry that the disability narrows their field of choice. Despite this, it is important to remain focused on the fact that your teen may not be realistically academically prepared to enter a career field at highest levels.


Always stay with your child in every scenario, Never leave them or let them think they are alone because at the end It’s you who’s going to help then comfort them and believe in them