Girls You Need To Break The Monotony And Follow Your Dreams


Why we girls suffer the pain and harsh comments of the society or are we the victims of the incidents taking place? Why do we not get enough respect to which we are liable to? There are so many why’s deep inside a girl looking for the reliable answer. But have you ever thought the answers to it?

We are the reason for the problems we encounter. Girls are bound to certain rules, and that’s what makes them follow the monotony of certain things. We lack somewhere or the other, and it becomes the reason for our downfall.

I am writing this article for every girl around the corner to know yourself what a precious gem you are. A girl should know her value in the society. Girls are very sensitive from their heart, and that’s the reason they fall prey to the monotony of things happening around them.

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We girls are under tremendous pressure from our parents of getting married once we reach the age of 25 along with it There are certain rules and regulations made for us which we need to follow, and if not, we get to hear too many taunts from our parents as well as the society.  Just because we are girls and if by mistake you come late to home at night, there is no end to the questions put up to you by people.

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Every girl has her dream of reaching a height at the point of their career. We often hear dream big to achieve big, and that’s what every girl should follow. A girl has her decisions and her life to look to. Firstly, nobody has the right to judge a girl and secondly we girls are no less than boys. Nobody can make you a victim if you have the courage in you to face the problem. Be brave and face the world. Don’t get influenced by the harsh comments of the people around you, instead, take it into a positive way. Remember, people say bad about you only if they are jealous of you.

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If you all follow the monotony fulfil you will land nowhere. You have your entire life ahead, and you are the owners of it. You need to break the monotony of your daily life and start thinking about yourself, and there is a need to change the cheap thinking of people that girls can’t work. Break the stereotypes and never depend on others. Have the passion for achieving what you want from your life and fulfil all your dreams.