Girls Never Share These Secrets With The Boys

Girls are very much known for keeping secrets with them as much as possible. They don’t want to share everything with others, especially boys because according to most of the girls, they do not like to share anything with the other gender. Girls are very smart in keeping secrets. As I am a girl too, there are certain talks which I would never want to share with others, especially boys. It’s very tough to make a girl reveal her secrets to boys.

You might also find some unknown secrets which girls do not want to share with others. Well, boys, you are sure to know some amazing things now,

1 –Past Life

Girls Never Share These Secrets
Girls often do not talk about their past to others. They ignore talking about their ex. It’s very easy for them to move on. Past life and experiences are not their things to discuss. And if it’s a boy, then forget about it. Past is gone and they would never like to remember or even share with anybody else.

2 –Their Conversation with Other Female Friends or Groups

Girls Never Share These Secrets
They also don’t like to spread their precious information with boys. Yes, this thing is true they are like fire in the jungle when talking about others, but as far as their own thing is concerned, they prefer to keep mum. Girls never want to reveal their conversation with her friends.

3 –About Their Craziness on Bed

Girls Never Share These Secrets With The Boys 1
Sex and all naughty talks on the bed are ignored by them. They don’t want to share those moments with boys. Neither will want boys to know about their being virgin or not. This is the biggest issue which they will always keep as a secret, known to self only. Talking about their sex with a partner is not the thing which they would ever like to share with others.

4 –Discussing Their Dresses and Makeup Kits

Girls are like James bond when they have to talk or copy someone but if asked about their dressing and make up, they go silent or might often tell a lie. It’s like a huge secret for them which they will never tell boys, even with girls. They keep it a top secret so that nobody can match up to her. This is the only reason they keep it a secret to others.

5 –Talking About Their Periods

Girls Never Share These Secrets
Some are shy to talk about periods while for others its natural so do not hesitate to talk about it. But most girls do not share their menstrual information with someone or boys. Periods are a personal problem and not considered to be discussed with others. Girls do not like talking about it at all with boys. After all it’s not a boy thing to discuss, right?

I hope you never got to know these things from girls. They are very shy, sharing these secrets with others. Even, others should avoid asking any questions related to any of the points.