Are you planning on designing a website and do not know where to begin? If so, then Joomla Theme is your answer. Nevertheless, to use Joomla, you do not require being a professional web designer at all. Yes, before you begin, let’s familiarize you with what you are using.


Joomla Introduction

Joomla is the award-winning system widely used for managing content by giving you the ability to create online applications. It offers many features including easily available extensions that make it a favorite among web designers. The best part is, it’s an open source option making it free to download.

Once you understand what Joomla is and how it works, you can continue to download Joomla’s latest version. For newbies, the FAQ and tutorial guide is quite helpful.


Here are Simple Steps To Design A Website Using Joomla Theme

1. A Name

First most decide a name for your domain. Make sure the name gives a hint of what your website has to offer and is easy to remember.

2. Web Hosting Service

Your next step is to choose a web hosting service. The points then you should look for a service they give an uptime of at least 99.90% to 99.99%. The page load speed should be at least 500ms and 24×7 customer service.

I will recommend buying Bluehost Hosting.

3. Install Joomla

Install Joomla Theme with a click.Just go over to the Control Panel from your hosting account that you have received in your email.

Follow the steps to install as follows:

Quick Install: If you have chosen the correct hosting service then the Joomla name and icon will appear in the Control Panel. From here click on the Joomla icon and select your website name and click ‘Install Now’ tab. In case, you cannot see the Joomla name or icon (obvious that means your host is not good) then install manually:

1.1 Create your database or tabs that will store all the information, and for this, you have to go to the Control Panel and look for an icon labeled MySQL Databases. Create your database and add the user to your database.

1.2 Download Joomla to your root folder and unzip it.

1.3 Setup website by entering your website name in the URL bar.

1.4 Press install on which you will be prompted to delete/remove the unzipped folder. The folder can be eliminated as it had done its job.

1.5 Enter into Administrator Panel and go to your website and see the fruitful result of your live website.

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4. Write your article

Write an article
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On logging in you will notice some icons on the top and left-hand side of your screen and more important the New Article icon. If you are a newbie, avoid this tab and instead go to Content- Articles- Add New Article. You will see a notepad. Here you can type whatever you want and on completing click the “Save and Close” tab. On saving, you will enter the Content Tab; here you can explore the other features.


You will love the Publishing tab, and in the Content tab section you can check the status, featured Access, tags, and Category section.

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5. Categorize your articles

So, Another awesome feature is the category content section which is ideal if you intend to do more than one type of writing.

6. Create Website Page’s

Do remember with Joomla you create on one page and show on another. So only creating a page is not the end of your work but making it appear is, and for that, you have to:

Go to Menus- Manage- Add New Menu

Now for the pages to show you have to go to Menu- “Name of the Menu you created”- Add New Menu Item. The more items, the more pages. For the pages to appear to add modules to them. From the tab Module Assignment you can choose or from Extensions- Modules you can create new modules.

7. Joomla Templates

Templates or web design solutions and better known as Joomla Theme is what gives that extra zing! to your website. The look, appeal, and functionality depend on them. Do remember some themes are free and some are free.

Always remember a template chooses you and not vice-versa. On downloading the template, install it and upload your themes zipped file. You can explore all the Extensions at The extensions come handy in a lot of work like backup, file management and display a map of your website.

That’s it. By the end of this article, your site will be up and running. Therefore Before creating you must have thought of taking the web designing course to build your website, and hence you must have realized how easy it is to build a website using Joomla.



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