Can Girls and Boys be Just Good Friends?

Can Girls and Boys be Just Good Friends

This question seems to be on everybody’s mind. Can a girl or a boy be just good friends? My answer to this question would be a big YES. Here in this modern era as time is changing, things are changing.

Can Girls and Boys be Just Good Friends

Everybody loves to be in a relationship and actually, it has become a status symbol now. Even if a person is not interested going in a relationship, he or she thinks once before, ignoring the proposal. If a boy has a girlfriend then he is given the title of ‘dude’ and same goes with the girl. Even our society on seeing a girl with a boy or vice versa thinks if something big has happened which they are unable to tolerate.

Can Girls and Boys be Just Good Friends

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean they are into love or mad about each other. Friendship is a beautiful bond of love which is hard to understand by others. It entirely depends on the boy or girl whether they understand it or not. Friendship does involve love but not of a kind as in couples. That love is eternally felt what is called as friendship. In fact being lovers is the most painful sphere of life which one goes through because we all know love hurts a lot. Friendship has love, emotions, understanding, care, arguments and all sorts of joy which a girl and a boy feel.

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Two friends are the best friends for life as they do not have many issues for one another. They will fight, argue on things but later forget it. They are not bounded by each other as in a lover’s relationship. A girl and a boy feel free to express what they want to in friendship. They do not have the need of being possessive for each other. They fully enjoy their lives together being two bodies and one soul. Nothing can replace friendship for it is the feelings, the bond which a girl and a boy share with one another.

Can Girls and Boys be Just Good Friends

Stop thinking negative when you see a girl and a boy together. Is just loving each other madly and be in a relationship of sex describes a boy or a girl? Can’t there be any other relationship between the two? Come out of this fantasy life and see the truth. A girl and a boy can be good friends forever. You just need to expand your area of thinking and accept this reality. Nothing is more relaxing and fun loving than being friends for life. Think positive, think big.


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