Broke up! 6 Tips to Save Your Relationship, Giving It a Second Chance


Broke up? Aww don’t be sad, please. Instead of mourning over it, try to give it a second chance. The relationship is a very sweet bond between two people connecting them physically, emotionally and mentally. Instead of crying and thinking what you did wrong, work to save it. I know you broke up but who knows you got another chance to get it back!!

Well, I have brought certain tips for you people for those who have broken up but still want to give second chance to their relationship, feeling low. Don’t worry everything will be fine soon and surely he/she will come back again in your life. Just follow these simple tips which will help you a lot,

1 –Talk to them

brokeupTalk to your partner instead of thinking what he/she might react. Be in touch with them if not as their partner but, a friend. Start your conversations along with friendly gestures so that he/she might feel a bit apologetic.

2 –Make them feel special

Gifts, surprises can make anyone happy. Try to gift something to your ex and let them know they are still somewhere in your heart. Like you used to gift them during your relation, carry on the same after your break up.

3 –Accept your mistake

Accepting your mistakes is not a bad idea. The reasons for your breakup should be clear and the one responsible for mistake should accept and apologize therein.

4 –Avoid going out with others

When you both had a fight, during that period, try not to go out with others because it might hurt your ex. He/she might think you are happy and do not care about what all happened. Avoid partying too if seriously you want to get back your partner in your life.

5 –Be the first one to approach

A person should try to approach the other without thinking how the other will respond. Always be the first one to approach and interact with your ex. This will make them feel that you are still interested and is a positive approach towards getting them back in your life.

6 –Sorry is not bad

Saying sorry, is it bad? I don’t think so. Apologizing to your ex for your mistakes is actually a good step towards giving a second chance to your relationship. Saying sorry doesn’t mean you kneeling down in front your ex or either feeling humiliated. Sorry is a word which strengthens a relationship instead.

Relationships are hard to find and if you are into one, try to make it more beautiful together rather parting ways off.


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