Relationship Advice: Follow Golden Rules and Celebrate your Diamond Jubliee

Marriage is perhaps the biggest step of anyone’s life that one has to take for the rest of his/her life. One wrong decision or step can divert your marriage to stand on the doorstep of divorce. When you are getting ready for marriage, your family friends will ponder you with relationship advice on how to maintain your marriage even if they fight every alternate day.

Relationship Advice

Relationship Advice that will help you live a happier married life

Golden Steps:

  • Make the right decision: Never say yes for marriage cause your friends mock you on your single stand or you feel the time is running out, so you say yes to any random partner or marry just because it improves your image. Marry only because you want to when you find your ideal partner.
  • Respect: A seven alphabet word that weighs a ton. From school days, we learn to respect others yet when it comes to our spouse we tend to neglect them. Nobody wants 24×7 attention, but a little respect is totally deserved.

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  • Talk Openly: Many couples, especially wives complain about their partners not having time to speak with them or not being open-hearted on what they feel. Marriage is the closest relation that has no hidden curtains. Be open with your feelings and express yourself.
  • Live your life: Yes, after marriage your life is not only yours but learn to live your life as well. Follow your hobbies, make time to spend with friends or just take time off and enjoy watch a movie alone.

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  • Embrace Change: Do not expect your partner to be the same after some year’s because even you will change. Change can be anything like favourite food or more complex like mood. They can become quieter or angrier, embrace any change and if required help them change and become better.
  • Learn to Forgive: Having to forgive your partner is not going to make you inferior. If, you want your relation to work you cannot hold a grudge. If, you take the first step and forgive you are only making a path to a happier marriage.

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  • Little Things Matter: Saying a ‘love you’ instead of a bye while leaving for work or saying ‘you look nice’ while your husband is getting ready or remembering their favourite food or colour can add many happy years to your marriage.
  • Sex: As complex as the word is, it is even more complex to understand it. But, for a healthy relation sex is important. Many people who give relationship advice will have an emphasis on the importance of sex in your relation. It does not have to be often but does give time, and both should be willing.

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  • Keep Love Alive: Don’t think you’re a parent of three kids giving your spouse a flower or taking out for a candle light dinner will look silly or kissing in front of others will be shameful. You are husband and wife, its rightful fir you to be romantic. If not you then who else? Enjoy love!
  • Lifeline, not Lifeline: Got confused, yes this is hard to understand so here is the explanation in simple words. As a spouse, you are their lifeline, after all, you are two bodies one soul but never make them dependent (especially wives). Let them live as an independent soul who has a heart in another body.


Marriage is a decision you have to take on your own, and once someone is part of your life, you live not just for yourself but for somebody else who means the world to got. There will be many who will give you relationship advice bur choosing the right one is vital. Don’t let others, judge or run your married life. Love and respect your spouse and in turn receive the Dame. Simple rules, if followed by both, will show you a path to a blissful married life.