Why Being Single Is Awesome?

Are you one of them who has been single in their whole life and has no regrets about it because they are enjoying themselves? Do your friends come to you whenever they need advice from you about singlehood? It is entirely ok not to fall in love.

Being single is also fun, and it’s not so much important to fall in love just because everyone is doing so. Singles more like a blessing in disguise and not many people consider that. Keep in mind that how lucky you are that everything you do, it’s is your decision and pressurized by someone else’s decisions.

Why Being Single Is Awesome? 1

When your friends fight with their partner, then they come to you for an opinion as you are always unbiased. You are always reliable to your friends and is always there when needed because you don’t have any lover to prioritize over other people. This will make you a happy person because at this time your friends are a world to you and they are all you need to stay comfortable. Life is all about ups and downs so when you will have a tough time, then you have people by your side, instead of just one single person who may or may not be there for you when you needed them.

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But sometimes you feel alone and gloomy when you see all these happy couples around you, but you know its good to be single rather be in a wrong relation. People fall in love when they get to connect with a special one, and some chemistry evolved between them and not because they have to find someone out of loneliness, but they have fallen for each other.

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You don’t need anyone to complete you as long as you are happy with you own company. So, always remember that don’t run for love as love comes eventually to you someday you will find your soul mate.

Until then, just relish in your singlehood and live your life fullest and happiest.