Are You Single? Well, it is Actually Good Know Why!!

Are you really happy in your relationship? This is one question which some or the other point if time comes to your mind and we find somewhere lost, finding its answer. Relationship is a bond of love between two people with care and trust side by side. Many of us are not satisfied with our relationship and tend to break it for, no reasons. It just feels incomplete and we have no words that why we want to get separated.

Many a times it’s often seen that relationship is the root cause for problems in an individual’s life. Moreover, being committed, results in distraction, be it in studies or career. There is nothing except tensions, frustation, fights in a relationship. People these days prefer to be single rather than being in a relationship whether it a boy or a girl. They are free from the tensions as well as can easily do whatever they wish to do being single.

Here, I will suggest you the benefits of being single as I think. Just have a look to them,

1 – Time for yourself

Being Single Is Awesome

Have you ever thought of enjoying your own company rather than wasting your time on buying gifts for your lover or impressing them?  Everybody needs some space to enjoy their life. Accompanying yourself is the best way to enjoy your life. Everyone should take out time for themselves so that they can enjoy their singlehood. Work for yourself, think about yourself and be happy. You are relaxed, tension free and have nothing to think much about. So being single, gives you your time to be happy in your life.

2 –Bye bye to stress

Being Single Is Awesome

As said, when single you are relaxed and satisfied. There is no one in your life to pressurise you for something. You are happy and on the peak of success. Your life becomes an easy one and it’s your decision that matters, after all. Especially for girls, you need not be stressed about your boyfriend anymore.

3 – Can spend time with your friends

Being Single Is Awesome

When single, you get the whole time out with your friends. There is no one to question you where or where not are you going and with whom. You can spend as much time as you want with your friends without even thinking about that your phone might get ring. You can go wherever you want you go with any of your friend. Girls can enjoy full liberty and need not be dependent on their boyfriends anymore.

4 – Getting flirty again

Single are the ones who are ready to mingle as everybody knows. Single men or women can flirt around with the ones they like. They can start a new relationship all together. Flirting is something which is natural so if you are single you can go into a new relationship without hesitating.

5 – Freedom

People enjoying singlehood can enjoy complete freedom. They are their own decision makers, are free to go wherever they want to. Single people are not bound to anyone. They even do not have the stress of the other person getting hurt by what they speak or act. They have complete freedom to live their life their way.

6 – Your money is saved

Being Single Is Awesome
This one is the most important benefit of singlehood. Your money is literally saved from getting wasted on stupid things. Boys always have this issue of money being spent by their girlfriends so if you are single, you need not to worry about your money. Girls too, if they spend money on their boyfriends, are saved from it.

Hope you all enjoy singlehood. Single’s you are on the way to success. Be single, be proud. Girls especially, do not depend on somebody rather, be independent.