Recreate: 5 Ways to make time for the things you love

make time for the things you loveToo busy to pick that pen and start writing? Haven’t found time to strike a few chords of that guitar? Those plants waiting for your green fingers are still waiting. All the photo walk sign ups are fake promises you did to yourself. The time is Now!

We all understand that it is difficult to manage time along with work and other responsibilities. All work and no play can make you short-tempered and annoyed. You will find joy neither in your work nor in your family. We all need a break from the routine after all; it is a hobby that keeps us all sane in the long run. If you want to enjoy your work, you first need to be refreshed by a hobby.

Hobbies differ from an individual to individual. Some find happiness in playing instruments, some love cooking, others might find reading their stress buster or someone may like to play games. The bottom line is we all need a hobby and having a hobby does not solve it all. The real problem lies in time management. These 24 hours and 7 days of a week need to be spent wisely.

Here is 5 Ways to make time for the things you love

  1. The travel



If you like writing, then this one suits you the best. The time spent in commuting is quite a much and the only way to utilize it to read and write. Not only it will help you pursue your hobby but also will cut you from the chaos around which otherwise would have lead you to a tiring journey. By the time you reach your place of work or home, you are fresh and ready to work.

  1. Enroll

You can always improve upon your skills of photography, painting, and sketching, playing instruments. Get enrolled to a course of your choice which offers weekend classes or 2-3 classes per week. Getting registered for a course will instill a sense of responsibility in you towards yourself and you will be able to find time for recreation of your choice in that same busy schedule.

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  1. Take that step

Yes, take that step and fix a time or a day for your interests during the week. If getting enrolled seems a costly affair or need practice at home first then you need to schedule it yourself. Be realistic while marking the calendar, choose weekends or just one day of the week or you can make it a daily activity. It all depends upon the kind of interests and how much time you have. It all comes back to YOU.

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  1. The Workplace

If you have a work place that allows you to have a break to freshen up then what can you asks more? Grab that lunch quickly, find a room that is empty, pick up your instrument and start playing. The people interested in drawing and painting can also make the best of this time and find fun at workplace.

  1. Make it eventful!

There is one more way you can cheat the clock and find time for doing what you love. Host parties at your place based in themes of writing, photography, sports, cooking, etc. Your social circle will get healthy and instead of having those boring wine n cards parties it is better to have a theme on your hobby. The whole evening will be dedicated to you and it is a great way to know people around you and telling them about you. There will be a lot of people like you waiting for such parties to happen.

As schedule gets busier, you need to get smarter to spend time with yourself. If you want a healthy mind and output in work then find a hobby and time for it. Because it will only get busier, so do it NOW!