Ways To Keep Your Marriage Strong

If someone says a relationship requires work, you’ll probably say it’s a marriage not a job. But, fact is even a marriage needs ‘work’ to make it pass the glorious years ahead. Yes, even love married couples fight and at times little tiffs can become a big relation breakup cause. Overcoming all obstacles and being happily together is the strong foundation for any marriage.

Many couples who end-up getting married at a young age, tend to be vulnerable as they barely have entered adulthood, let alone understand and live with a total stranger. But, just some simple guidelines can make your marriage see its diamond jubilee.

Most, if asked, what is love, they might say “when you have butterflies in your stomach”. Fact is love is more than just a feeling, it’s a commitment where two people respect each other’s feelings and support through all times.

The husband is always expected to be the strong one but, there are times when the wife should be the strong shoulder for the husband.

Here are the five Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong:

1. Do not let society get in between

Society has always lived with the tendency to brainwash a person. If you marry young, they have issues. If you marry at an older age, they have issues. The real fact is- marriage does not have any official age. The age you get married at, is the age for marriage.

Some married at an early age see their golden jubilee and at times those who marry at an older age barely see months of marriage. Do not let anyone interfere with your marriage.

2. Do not talk of divorce

The day you get married, in all the pledges and vow’s, take one more vow- never say or mention, even by mistake, divorce. No matter how bad your fight ends up, never opt for divorce. There will be many times you might not want to stand each other but, always remember your relation is more than just a few vows.

3. Marriage is not 50-50

All couples will want their partner to put in 100% in the relation and whenever anything goes wrong, it’s easy to blame. In reality, both should give 100-100 in the relation, only then you will have a blissful marriage.

4. Change is good

Change is a must but, change only for the better. Many believe why should I change but, if the change can improve your relation than change is good.

5. Make each day the first

Once you are married, the first few months will go in a bliss but, then the real life begins. Both will begin with your daily routine and soon a new family member enters your life and you barely notice the years fly away. But, this should not be the case.

No matter how many years go by, live each day as if it’s your first day of marriage. Always keep the flame of your love a-light. Keep jokes and leg pulling to keep that zest alive so you never feel your marriage is old.

Marriage is the best thing to happen to two people. A relation that has the ability to bring a new life into this world. To cope and withstand all turmoils and stand strongly in love for each other- is called marriage.