16 Questions Should Ask To Your Partner Before Getting Married

16 Questions Should Ask To Your Partner Before Getting Married 1
Marriage is a holy institution. It signifies the true love, companionship and commitment of two people. Deciding to marry someone should not be based on your parents wish or reason of getting old. The reason should be you, means are you now mentally ready and want to get married to someone you want to spend rest of life.

Getting married is one of the biggest events in once life and you have to make this decision very wisely. There are a lot of questions and reasons you have to consider while getting married to someone, for example, Do you understand each other? or are you sure about your partner? Will you be happy once you get married or not? Therefore, you have to give a considerable time for observation while choosing your partner, as if you are going to give a little effort then you will be happy for the rest of the life.

Here are the questions which you can ask your partner to know him/her more and can prevent himself/herself from a nasty relationship.

  1. Why do you want to get married? Do you like/love your partner?Are you ready for such a big commitment?
  2. What are your expectations from your partner? What is the best thing about marriage? And what are your biggest fear about marriage?
  3. Have a discussion on likes and dislikes, life priorities, differences, lifestyle, life goals etc.
  4. What do you think about your partner? Will you respect him/her? Do you give her/him equal status in your life?
  5. Have a discussion on family affairs. Are you ready to accept your partner’s family? What are you looking for a joint family or a nuclear family? Discuss your opinion regarding the family’s role and importance in your life?[Tweet “16 #Questions Should ask to Your Partner Before Getting #Married”]
  6. What will they do if their opinions clash with each other? Or How will you resolve your conflicts or issues after arguments?
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  7. Have you discussed your religious sentiments and spiritual beliefs?
  8. Have you discussed your career Objectives? What are your aspirations for coming five years and long term goals?
  9. Can she pursue her career even after marriage? And what will they do if one of you will transfer to another place after marriage?
    16 Questions Should Ask To Your Partner Before Getting Married 2
  10. Have you discussed the health history? Inquiring about the health issues, allergies and asked the opinion from your would be regarding this?
  11. Have a discussion on Financial matters. have a clear information of each other’s financial capability and financial obligations.
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  12. Asked about the future prospects regarding the financial matter. Have a discussion on once they get married what would be the budget estimation? Who will take care of the financial things? Asked about the spending and saving plans.
  13. Do you both want to have kids? And if yes then discuss it when you guys are want to have a kid after marriage? And asked also Will he equally gives contribution in baby’s care and upbringing?
  14. Have you discussed how will household be maintained and Who will take care of the household requirements?
  15. In case if one of you become disabled or disqualified would you still want to spend the rest of your life with him/her?
  16. What is the essence of marriage in your life? Are you ready for adjustments and sacrifices? What are the things which you don’t want to give up in the marriage?These are the questions which will help you to make a right decision for your life. Don’t be hurry while choosing your life partner. It is a question of your life. Take a proper time before making a big decision. These questions can help you to a great extent while choosing your life partner.