10 Ted Talks You Must Watch When It Comes To Love And Relationships

Recently we have seen SRK in TED talks, and he talked about “The Future You.” Many speakers came in Ted Talks and talked about love and relationship. They spoke about the different situation, and circumstances in love and relationship and problem new generation are facing. Here are the 10 Ted Talks You Must watch as it will clear your doubt.

1. The brain in love
Speaker: Helen Fisher


2. On tennis, love, and motherhood
Speaker: Serena Williams and Gayle King


3. What young women believe about their own sexual pleasure
Speaker: Peggy Orenstein


4. A better way to talk about love
Speaker: Mandy Len Catron


5. The lies we tell pregnant women
Speaker: Sofia Jawed-Wessel


6. Do kids think of sperm donors as a family?
Speaker: Veerle Provoost


7. Technology hasn’t changed love. Here’s why
Speaker: Helen Fisher


8. Ideas worth dating
Speaker: Rainn Wilson


9. The secret to desire in a long-term relationship
Speaker: Esther Perel


10. What you don’t know about marriage
Speaker: Jenna McCarthy