10 Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

Most of us must have experienced an unhealthy relation once in their lives. Below are 10 signs that will let you know if your relation is going through an unhealthy phase or not.

Unhealthy Relationship

The behaviors listed below may be common but, if you indulge in them, then you are definitely going to take your relation towards a wrong turn that is not going to bring good consequences. Many think they use them to show their power over the spouse but, do not realize the negative impact they are showering over their relation. If, you are one of them then take action before it’s too late.

10 Signs to be Careful off

  1. Intensity

    Never indulge in too much intensity. Rushing your partner towards a relation or having the will to see daily or talk on the phone every hour, is definitely over-the-board. You won’t even notice when you cross from intensity to obsessed.

  2. Jealousy

    JealousyJealousy is not good in any case especially against your own partner or spouse. Feeling jealous your partner/spouse has more friends than you or is in a better position at work than you or gets more salary than you. Being jealous is never sensible. Once you are in a relation, everything is shared. Your spouses/partners success is yours as well then why be jealous.

  3. Manipulation

    Trying to influence your partner/spouses decisions, emotions or doing is called manipulation. Making them do something they are not comfortable in or ignore them till you get your point accepted is not accepted in any relation.

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  4. Isolation

    Not allowing you to meet your family, friends or colleagues is isolation. Making them choose between you and their family/friends is never going to be proved as right. It’s always a wrong doing. Making your spouse depend on you for money is also wrong.

  5. Sabotage

    Making your partner do something wrong, not allowing them to do their homework, speaking bad about them behind their backs or threaten to share private information is never accepted in any relation. Before doing so, just think once, what if someone does this to you?

  6. Belittling

    Do you make fun of how your partner looks, how they or their family looks like, joke about their friends or call them by using rude names. Then stop instantly. Hurting the feelings of your partner/spouse is never going to be good for your relation. Even if your partner/spouse may not say anything to you but, deep in their hearts a hurt feeling will be burning. And, if it’s vice versa, than do not bear silently.

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  7. Guilty

    Making your partner/spouse feel guilty for not making you happy or anything that goes wrong you blame them for it is going to take your relation off track very soon.

  8. Volatility

    Giving unexpected mood swings, threatening to hurt, destroying their favorite things. Just cause your partner loves you and cannot live without you does not mean you can rule their lives.

  9. Deflecting Responsibility

    Blaming your partner by usage of alcohol and saying you are drinking because of some action done by them in the past. Making excuses for bad behavior.

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  10. Betrayal

    Not acting the same way in front of you, hiding things, purposely not telling you things. All these are signs of betrayal.

A relation is tied by a fragile thread of trust and one wrong deed can easily break it no matter how much you love each other. Once trust is broken it takes years to mend it and at times the trust is never the same. Every relation has it’s ups and downs but you should avoid these signs as they will only destroy your relation. Just remember before you do anything, how would you feel if your partner did the same with you.

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